Light Hardwood Dowel 18mm x 2.4m

SKU: 102655
The Light Hardwood Dowel (18mm x 2.4m) is a versatile and precision-crafted tool for all carpentry needs. It strengthens glued woodworking joints, replaces traditional joinery, and can be trimmed, sanded, and styled for varied uses. It boasts a smooth finish that can be easily varnished, painted, or oiled after light sanding, and is made from durable, high-quality hardwood.

Product Description

The Light Hardwood Dowel, measuring 18mm by 2.4m, is an ideal multipurpose tool for your carpentry tasks. Traditionally replacing mortise and tenon joinery, it serves as a strengthening element in glued woodworking joints. Designed through a precision machine process, it ensures an always-round form for superior craftsmanship. Adaptable to various sizes, it can be easily trimmed, sanded, and styled for diverse uses. Offers a smooth finish that's ready for varnishing, oiling or painting after light sanding. Manufactured from high-quality light hardwood for durability and ease of use.

Product Specification

Width (mm)18
Length (mm)2400
Depth (mm)18
Moisture ResistantNo
Dimensions (metric)18mm x 18mm x 2.4m
Interior Or Exterior UseInterior