Pine Half Round Moulding 21 x 8mm x 2.4m

SKU: 102653
The 21mm x 8mm, 2.4m Pine Half Round Moulding offers a traditional, rounded finish for DIY projects. Easy to apply with glue and pins, it can be used decoratively, or together with other mouldings like architrave and skirting. Made of lightweight, straight-grained pine wood, it is workable, strong, flexible, and economical. Sand lightly for a neat finish then apply stain, varnish or lacquer.

Product Description

This 21mm x 8mm, 2.4m Pine Half Round Moulding is ideal for lending a traditional, rounded finish to your DIY projects. It is a cover mould that can be applied with glue and pins for a simple installation process. It can serve as a decorative addition to your space, furniture or compliment other mouldings such as architrave and skirting. The moulding is crafted from lightweight, straight-grained pine wood, which is known for its workability, strength, flexibility and economic appeal. For a neat finish, lightly sand the moulding before applying a layer of wood stain, varnish or lacquer.

Product Specification

Width (mm)21
Length (mm)2400
Thickness (mm)8
Kiln DriedYes
Moisture ResistantNo
Dimensions (metric)8mm x 21mm x 2.4m
Interior Or Exterior UseInterior