Carriage Bolts & Nuts, BZP, M12, 150mm

SKU: 102634
Ideal for timber assembly, BZP Carriage Bolts & Nuts (M12, 150mm) enable secure fastening across various structures, such as joists, rafters, and fences. Compliant with standard specifications and offering notable quality, these versatile bolts are optimized for broad application.

Product Description

These BZP Carriage Bolts & Nuts, sized M12 and 150mm long, are ideal for assembling timber structures, such as joint joists, rafters, or fences. Known for their broad use, these fasteners help securely bolt timber pieces together. Complying with standard specifications and retaining high-quality characteristics, these hardware essentials strive to perform optimally across multiple applications.

Product Specification

Length (mm)150
Diameter (mm)12
Fastener TypeM12