Light Hardwood Dowel 12mm x 2.4m

SKU: 102596
This 12mm x 2400mm high-quality light hardwood dowel is perfect for creating sturdy furniture, improving woodworking joints' durability and offering support for hanging items, serving as an efficient alternative to traditional joinery. Easily cut and sanded to suit project needs, it pairs well with screws, nails, and dovetailing, ideal for DIY enthusiasts. Its smooth finish also promises great results for varnishing, oiling, or painting.

Product Description

This is a high-quality light hardwood dowel, cylindrical and flawless in shape due to specialist machinery used for its creation. It measures 12mm x 2400mm. Ideal for crafting robust furniture, it serves as an efficient alternative to mortise & tenon joinery and can be utilized to improve the durability of glued woodworking joints. This dowel is also great as a support for hanging items. You can effortlessly cut and sand it to any dimensions as per your project's requirement. Easy installation and usability, as well as its compatibility with screws, nails, and dovetailing, make this dowel a must-have for DIY enthusiasts. With a smooth finish that invites varnishing, oiling or painting post light sanding, the dowel ensures aesthetics along with functionality. Available in various sizes to cater to varied usage needs.

Product Specification

MaterialLt Hardwood
Width (mm)12
Length (mm)2400
Diameter (mm)12
Depth (mm)12
Moisture ResistantNo
Dimensions (metric)12mm x 12mm x 2.4m
Interior Or Exterior UseInterior