Pine Cushion Corner Moulding 21 x 21mm x 2.4m

SKU: 102582
This 21mm x 21mm x 2400mm Pine Cushion Corner Moulding is perfect for covering imperfections, smoothing board joints, and hiding screws. It's made of straight-grained pine, offering a cost-effective, lightweight solution for home projects. Guaranteed for two years, it shows exceptional quality, strength, and elasticity. Best results are achieved with light sanding before applying any finishes. Intended for internal use only.

Product Description

This 21mm x 21mm x 2400mm Pine Cushion Corner Moulding is ideal for multiple purposes such as concealing slight imperfections, covering screw fixings, and smoothing where two boards join. The moulding features a cushion corner for a softened edge. Made from straight-grained pinewood, it is lightweight, cost-effective, and easy to install using adhesive, screws, or pins, depending on the use. Suitable for various requirements, it offers a standalone solution in home improvement projects. Its strength, elasticity, and quality are unquestionable, ensuring it's up to standard and comes with a two-year guarantee. for the best final appearance, it should be lightly sanded before applying finishes such as wood stain, varnish, or lacquer. Please note that this product is for internal use only and should be kept away from moisture.

Product Specification

Width (mm)21
Length (mm)2400
Thickness (mm)21
Diameter (mm)21
Kiln DriedNo
Moisture ResistantNo
ProfileCushion Corner
Dimensions (metric)21mm x 21mm x 2.4m
Interior Or Exterior UseInterior