Torus Architrave Primed MDF 18 x 69 mm x 2.44m

SKU: 102553
The Painted Torus Architrave MDF (18 x 69 mm x 2.44m) is a high-quality, UK-made product featuring a prime coating, reducing the need for finishing. Crafted from Moisture Resistant MDF, it avoids defects like shakes, knots, and resins. With convenient, easy-to-handle lengths and a comprehensive coating, it offers both efficiency and quality.

Product Description

This Painted Torus Architrave MDF measures 18 x 69 mm x 2.44m and boasts a top-notch prime coating, minimising the need for additional finishing and helping you save time and money. Crafted in the UK from Moisture Resistant MDF, this product is free from common defects like shakes, knots, and resins. Compact and easy-to-handle lengths make it user-friendly, while its prime coating covers all sides of the piece.

Product Specification

MaterialMoisture Resistant Medium-Density Fibreboard (MDF)
Width (mm)69
Length (mm)2440
Depth (mm)18
Moisture ResistantYes
Dimensions (metric)18mm x 69mm x 2.44m