Ogee Architrave Primed MDF 18 x 69mm x 4.4m

SKU: 102519
The 18 x 69mm x 4.4m UK-manufactured MDF architrave comes with a top-notch prime coating, eliminating the need for extensive finishing and saving you time and money. It is defect-free and made from moisture-resistant material, giving it durability. Designed to standardised measurements, it offers a premium solution for your architrave needs.

Product Description

This 18 x 69mm x 4.4m painted MDF architrave features an excellent prime coating that requires minimal finishing, saving both time and money. It provides an easy-to-handle length and is free from defects such as shakes and knots, with no resin. It's made from moisture-resistant MDF, making it durable and resilient. This product is manufactured to high standards in the UK, offering a prime quality solution for your architrave needs.

Product Specification

MaterialMoisture Resistant Medium-Density Fibreboard (MDF)
Width (mm)69
Length (mm)4400
Depth (mm)18
Moisture ResistantYes
Dimensions (metric)18mm x 69mm x 4.4m
Interior Or Exterior UseInterior