Moisture Resistant Chipboard Flooring TG4 Peelaway Layer 22 x 600 x 2400mm

SKU: 101923
High-density, moisture-resistant Chipboard Flooring panel of 22mm x 2400mm x 600mm delivers durability for both domestic and commercial use. Possessing a precision-crafted tongue-and-groove profile for easy installation, it withstands weather for 42 days during construction. Panels assure a smooth finish for subsequent floor laying and adhere to EN 312 and EN13986 construction standards for quality performance.

Product Description

This 22mm x 2400mm x 600mm Chipboard Flooring panel is renowned for its high density and moisture-resistant properties, making it perfect for both domestic and specific commercial flooring applications. The panel's durable and precision-crafted tongue-and-groove profile facilitates quick and easy installation. Once properly installed, these panels can withstand exposure to weather elements for up to 42 days, providing a reliable solution during the construction process. The clean, smooth finish of the panel ensures excellent compatibility with subsequent floor laying operations. Compliant with key construction standards, specifically EN 312 and EN13986, guarantees quality and performance.

Product Specification

Width (mm)600
Length (mm)2400
Thickness (mm)22
Edge DetailTongue & Grooved 4 Sides
Moisture ResistantYes
Dimensions (metric)22mm x 600mm x 2.4m