Transformer 110V 3KVA with 2x16A Sockets

SKU: 101757
The 3KVA, 110V transformer features two 16A sockets to cater to various devices and a 1.5m extension cable for added reach. It includes a carry handle for easy transport, and adheres to standard protocols, making it a reliable and versatile choice for power supply needs.

Product Description

This 3KVA, 110V transformer comes equipped with two 16A sockets, enhancing its utility for different devices. Sporting a 1.5m extension cable for additional reach, it also boasts a practical carry handle for effortless transportation. Ensuring adherence to standard compliance protocols, this piece stands as a durable and reliable accessory for diverse power supply needs.

Product Specification

BrandsDefender, SMJ, Faithfull, Masterplug
Length (m)1.5