C16 Regularised KD Treated Timber 47 x 50mm x 2.4m (2x2in)

SKU: 101669
Premium quality treated timber, measuring 47mm x 50mm x 2.4m, is noted for its strength and longevity. It's processed for uniformity and rounded corners for ease of handling. The timber is kiln-dried for enhanced stability and pressure-treated to resist fungal and insect attacks. Sustainably sourced and responsibly produced.

Product Description

This is a high-quality, treated timber, regularised sawn, measuring 47mm x 50mm x 2.4m. It features uniform dimensions achieved by planing on all sides and boasts rounded corners for easy and comfortable handling. Notable for its exceptional longevity and strength, this timber is kiln-dried, ensuring improved stability and straightness. Treated under high pressure with a formula like Tanalith E, it provides impressive protection against fungal and insect attacks. This timber is responsibly produced and sourced from sustainable origins.

Product Specification

Width (mm)50
Length (mm)2400
Thickness (mm)47
Kiln DriedYes
Finished Dimensions (mm)45 x 45
Strength ClassC16
Dimensions (imperial)2 x 2in
Dimensions (metric)47mm x 50mm x 2.4m
Certifications MetAvailable Certified
ApplicationJoist; Roof; Floor