C16 Regularised KD Treated Timber 47 x 75mm x 4.8m (3x2in)

SKU: 101660
This is a C16 standard sawn treated timber with precise dimensions. Regularized through planing and with rounded corners, it ensures ease of handling. Treated with a Tanalith 'E' equivalent at high pressure and kiln-dried for stability and straightness. The timber meets C16 grading standards indicating structural performance. Resealing cuts with a suitable treatment is necessary. Responsibly sourced softwood timber available in 47mm x 75mm x 4.8m dimensions. Other lengths may be available on request.

Product Description

This is a C16 standard, sawn treated timber known for its precise dimensions, regularised through planing with rounded corners to ensure easy handling. It is treated with a high pressure of a Tanalith 'E' equivalent, and kiln dried for enhanced stability and straightness. The timber complies with C16 grading standards, reflecting its structural performance. It is essential to reseal any cuts with a suitable treatment. This softwood timber, available in 47mm x 75mm x 4.8m dimensions, is sourced responsibly. Other lengths might be obtainable; please enquire for further details.

Product Specification

Width (mm)75
Length (mm)4800
Thickness (mm)47
Kiln DriedYes
Finished Dimensions (mm)45 x 70
Strength ClassC16
Dimensions (imperial)3 x 2in
Dimensions (metric)47mm x 75mm x 4.8m
Certifications MetAvailable Certified
ApplicationJoist; Roof; Floor