Moisture Resistant MDF Window Board 25 x 219mm x 5.49m

SKU: 101595
The 25 x 219mm moisture-resistant MDF window board is uniquely designed for durability and ease-of-paint applications. With its double-prime finish and resistance to moisture, it eliminates long prep times, meeting diverse customer needs with superior quality compliance.

Product Description

This moisture-resistant MDF window board, measuring 25 x 219mm, is primed twice for exceptional durability and smoothness. Prepared for straightforward painting applications, it ensures a swift and seamless completion, eliminating prolonged preparation periods typically seen with alternative fabrications. Its quality compliance and moisture resistance render it a practical choice for multiple customer needs.

Product Specification

MaterialMoisture Resistant Medium-Density Fibreboard (MDF)
Width (mm)219
Length (mm)5490
Thickness (mm)25
Moisture ResistantYes
Dimensions (metric)25mm x 219mm x 5.49m