Flat Restraint Strap 5mm 30 x 1000mm

SKU: 101464
This 30 x 1000mm, 5mm thick restraint strap is perfect for vertical and horizontal timber-to-masonry connections in various structural applications. With a pre-galvanised finish and edge coating for enhanced durability, it complies with BS EN 5268 Part 3 for superior quality and safety.

Product Description

This restraint strap, measuring 30 x 1000mm and displaying a thickness of 5mm, is ideal for establishing both vertical and horizontal connections between timber floors or roof structures and masonry walls. Designed to offer light to heavy restraint, it's perfect for various structural applications. Its pre-galvanised finish and edge coating enhance its durability. This product complies with the BS EN 5268 Part 3, thereby substantiating its quality and safety standards.

Product Specification

MaterialPre-Galvanised Steel
Width (mm)30
Length (mm)1000
Thickness (mm)5