Flat Restraint Strap 5mm 30 x 1200mm

SKU: 101460
Versatile 5mm thick flat restraint straps, 30 x 1200mm, provide durable support for timber floors and roofs when connected to masonry walls. Suitable for all loads, they meet BS EN 5268 Part 3 standards. These straps, pre-galvanised and edge coated for longevity, ensure reliable construction coupling.

Product Description

These multi-purpose flat restraint straps, measuring 5mm in thickness and 30 x 1200mm in size, offer robust vertical and horizontal support for timber floors and roof systems when attached to masonry walls. They are suitable for both light and heavy-duty applications, fulfilling the quality standards and specifications set by BS EN 5268 Part 3. These restraint straps are pre-galvanised and edge coated for added durability and longevity, ensuring a reliable coupling between various construction elements.

Product Specification

MaterialPre-Galvanised Steel
Width (mm)30
Length (mm)1200
Thickness (mm)5