Heavy Engineered Bent Strap, Bent at 100mm, 1200mm Length

SKU: 101448
This robust and versatile restraint strap is optimal for attaching timber floor and roof systems to masonry walls. With a 100mm bend and 1200mm length, it allows easy, notch-free installation over floor joists. Notably, this pre-galvanised, edge-coated, and reinforced strap offers 8kN lateral restraint and high-grade quality by complying with BS EN 5268 Part 3 standards.

Product Description

Offering both robustness and versatility, this engineered restraint strap is ideal for providing stability when connecting timber floor and roof systems to masonry walls. With a notable bend at 100mm and an overall length of 1200mm, this pre-galvanised and edge-coated strap offers easy installation without the necessity for notching, making it a perfect choice for simple installation over floor joists. Boasting lightweight yet robust construction, this strap is reinforced at the bend, promoting increased strength. Plus, its ability to provide 8kN lateral restraint enhances resilience. This heavy-duty restraint strap conforms to BS EN 5268 Part 3, ensuring high-grade quality and effective performance.

Product Specification

MaterialPre-Galvanised Steel
Width (mm)38
Length (mm)1200
Thickness (mm)1.5