Scrolled Hip Iron

SKU: 101435
The Scrolled Hip Iron is a decorative and functional roofing bracket, made for preventing roof tile displacement. Affixable to timber rafters with nails or screws, it's crafted from durable hot-dip galvanized mild steel. Ideally complements diverse architectural styles.

Product Description

This Scrolled Hip Iron serves as a decorative roofing bracket, designed to prevent displacement of roof tiles. It can easily be affixed to a timber rafter using either screws or nails. Crafted from mild steel, it enjoys extended durability due to hot-dip galvanisation. Suitable for a range of architectural styles, this product combines both aesthetics and functionality.

Product Specification

Width (mm)25
Length (mm)300
FinishHot Dip Galvanised
Height (mm)150
Thickness (mm)4