125mm Timber to Timber Joist Hanger

SKU: 101426
A 125mm Timber-to-Timber Joist Hanger ensures easy and accurate fitting with its adjustable-height strap, quick prongs, and location tab. Ideal for solid joists, it offers optimal contact through its wide strap. Installation can be face-fix or wrap-over, with speed prongs for temporary fixes. Offers stellar quality and meets industry regulations.

Product Description

This Timber-to-Timber Joist Hanger with a width of 125mm offers speedy and precise fitting due to its adjustable-height strap, rapid prongs and location tab. As a standard fixture for solid joists in the industry, it ensures optimal contact through its broader-than-usual strap. For quick and correct alignment, it has a specially designed bottom location tab. The joist hanger can be installed via the face fix or wrap over method. Not only does this item allow temporary fix due to its speed prongs for prompt installations, but also guarantees top-notch quality and compliance with standard regulations.

Product Specification

BrandsSimpson Strong-Tie, Everbilt, Sabrefix, Forgefix, BPC Fixings
MaterialPre-Galvanised Steel
Width (mm)125
Height (mm)452.5
Thickness (mm)1.5