Mono Truss Hanger 47mm

SKU: 101393
The 47mm Mono Truss Hanger is a non-welded, single piece, composite designed for wooden structure support. With features like speed prongs for quick nailing and installation options using square twist nails or double shear nailing for inclined nailing without sideways hammer swinging, it guarantees effective, simple operations. Compliant with standard quality criteria.

Product Description

The 47mm Mono Truss Hanger is a single-piece, non-welded element designed to support mono trusses from wooden structures. It features speed prongs for quicker and simpler nailing and installation. It provides two alternatives for installation, using either square twist nails exclusively or combining these with double shear nailing. The double shear nailing mechanism allows for the insertion of 75mm nails at a 45-degree angle, facilitating easier nailing without the need for sideways hammer swinging. The product meets standard quality and compliance criteria.

Product Specification

BrandsSimpson Strong-Tie, Everbilt, Sabrefix, Forgefix, BPC Fixings
MaterialPre-Galvanised Steel
Width (mm)47
Height (mm)91.5
Thickness (mm)75