Single Socket Coupler 110mm Black

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A 110mm single socket coupler, ideal for sanitary waste removal applications. Made of PVC-U, it offers different sizes and colours, plus push-fit and solvent weld joint types. Use it for creating secure ring-seal joints, accommodating thermal fluctuations, or fixing to plain-ended pipes. Sporting a captive-seal, it ensures a secure, weathertight seal. Kitemarked to BS EN 1329-1:2000 standard for reliability.

Product Description

This single socket coupler, measuring 110mm, is perfect for sanitary waste removal applications. Featuring a PVC-U construction, it is part of an inclusive system that comes in various sizes and colours, and boasts both push-fit and solvent weld joint types. One end of the coupler uses solvent weld socket technology, while the other end utilises a push-fit ring-seal socket. This versatile unit can be utilised to create a secure ring-seal joint on a plain-ended pipe or fitting. Alternatively, it can serve where an expansion joint is necessitated to offset thermal fluctuations. Engineered with a ring-seal socket that uses captive seal technology, the weathertight seal will not displace during fitting. Trustworthiness is assured as it is kitemarked to BS EN 1329-1:2000 standard.

Product Specification

BrandsMarley, FloPlast, Brett Martin, Hunter, Wavin, Osma, Polypipe
Width (mm)114
Length (mm)105
Height (mm)114
Diameter (mm)110
Standard ReferenceBS EN 1329-1:2000
Inlet Size110 mm