Branch 90 Degree 110mm Black

SKU: 101356
The 90 Degree Branch is a PVC-U system achieving efficient sanitary waste removal. Available in various sizes and colours, it provides practicality with push-fit or solvent weld joints, and three boss socket positions. Features include a unique keyway for proper fall upon installation, and a ring-seal socket with captive seal technology to prevent seal displacement. Conforms to BS EN 1329-1:2000 standards.

Product Description

This 90 Degree Branch is a PVC-U based system designed for efficient removal of sanitary waste. It's a versatile product, available in various colours and sizes, offering a choice of either push-fit or solvent weld joints. It features one plain end and two push-fit ring-seal sockets, complete with three closed boss socket positions for an effective waste management solution. It comes with a unique keyway to ensure proper fall is achieved once the boss socket adaptor is installed. The ring-seal socket integrates captive seal technology that prevents seal dislodging during fitting. Complies with BS EN 1329-1:2000 quality standards.

Product Specification

BrandsMarley, FloPlast, Brett Martin, Hunter, Wavin, Osma, Polypipe
Width (mm)150
Length (mm)263
Height (mm)225
Diameter (mm)110
Standard ReferenceBS EN 1329-1:2000
Inlet Size110mm
Angle87.5 deg