Double Socket Bossed Pipe with Ring Seal 110mm Grey

SKU: 101326
The Double Socket Bossed Pipe with Ring Seal is a durable PVC-U pipe designed for waste disposal. Featuring two solvent weld sockets, 110mm size and a discreet grey color, it's versatile for 40mm plastic and copper pipes meeting BS standards. Ideal for sanitary waste removal, it fulfills the BS EN 1329-1:2000 standard, providing reliable quality.

Product Description

This Double Socket Bossed Pipe with a Ring Seal is a versatile component intended for waste disposal systems. Created from sturdy PVC-U, this soil pipe, featuring two solvent weld sockets, is ideal for a sanitary waste removal applications. It comes in 110mm size and a non-distracting grey colour. With one socket designed for a 40mm push-fit connection, this pipe is compatible with 40mm plastic pipes as per BS EN 1451-1/1455-1/1566-1 standards. Additionally, it can also be paired with copper pipes crafted under the BS 659 or BS 2871 standards. It boasts a kitemark meeting the BS EN 1329-1:2000 standard, ensuring high quality and reliability.

Product Specification

BrandsMarley, FloPlast, Brett Martin, Hunter, Wavin, Osma, Polypipe
Width (mm)150
Length (mm)160
Height (mm)154
Diameter (mm)110
Standard ReferenceBS EN 1329-1:2000
Inlet Size110 mm