20kg White Felt + Roof Primer

SKU: 101240
The 20kg White Felt with Roof Primer is an all-weather rooftop paint solution, ideal for home, commercial, or industrial flat roofs. Easy to apply, it forms a lasting, flexible overlay when dry and can be used even in damp conditions. Great for routine property maintenance and sudden repairs, it instantly waterproofs roofs and fills cracks up to 10mm wide.

Product Description

This 20kg White Felt accompanied by a Roof Primer is a comprehensive waterproof roof paint solution, designed to revitalise flat roofs regardless of their domestic, commercial, or industrial usage. This product is applied as a brushable, semi-liquid paste that, when dried, forms a durable and flexible seamless overlay. Notably, the paste can be used even in damp weather, ensuring waterproofing solutions and flat roof repair irrespective of conditions. Simple to use, it offers one-coat all-weather application, making it perfect for regular property upkeep and everyday repair tasks. It acts as an instant waterproofing remedy for urgent leaks and deteriorating flat roofs. Additionally, this product effectively fills and bridges cracks up to 10mm wide.

Product Specification

BrandsCromar, Everbuild, Sika, Bond-It, Bostik, Fomo, Mapei, Soudal, Geocel
Weight (kg)20