Concrete Padstone - 440mm x 215mm x 215mm (Pack of 12)

SKU: 101109
With dimensions of 440mmx215mmx215mm, this concrete padstone is ideally suited for both concrete and steel lintels. Expertly crafted from high-strength concrete, it boasts superior performance and excellent durability. Its ready-to-use design allows for a more time-efficient construction process on-site.

Product Description

This concrete padstone, measuring 440mm by 215mm by 215mm, is perfect for use with both concrete and steel lintels. Expertly engineered to offer superior performance, it fits well with a range of concrete lintels. The padstones are crafted from robust, high-strength concrete, offering excellent durability. Designed with ready-to-use convenience, these padstones enable a time-efficient working process on-site.

Product Specification

Width (mm)215
Length (mm)440