High Strength Concrete Padstone - 440mm x 215mm x 102mm

SKU: 101090
High-density, ready-to-use concrete padstone designed for durability and quick construction. Perfect for any wall design, it's an ideal base for concrete and steel lintels. Can be installed in any orientation. Complies with BS 8110 standards.

Product Description

Designed for strength and consistency, this robust concrete padstone is crafted from high-density concrete, offering reliability and accelerated construction. Ideal for any wall design, it serves as a firm base for both concrete and steel lintels. You can use it in any orientation for efficient and rapid installation. It is ready to use and complies with the BS 8110 standard, ensuring top quality.

Product Specification

Length (mm)102
Height (mm)440
Depth (mm)215
Weight (kg)23