Concrete Lintel 65mm x 215mm x 1200mm

SKU: 101086
This Concrete Lintel (65mm x 215mm x 1200mm) carries a high quality textured finish. It is made with precision to give superior structural performance, complying with BS 5977; Part 2; 1983 standard and EN 845-2:2013 specification. Although individual orders are allowed, bulk orders might have different requirements.

Product Description

This Concrete Lintel, bearing dimensions of 65mm x 215mm x 1200mm, flaunts a quality textured finish. Manufactured with precision and designed for high structural performance, it satisfies the criteria of BS 5977; Part 2; 1983 standard. The product's Declaration of Performance can be found online, and it also meets the Harmonized Technical Specification EN 845-2:2013. Although it can be purchased individually, there may be a different quantity requirement for bulk orders.

Product Specification

BrandsCatnic, IG Lintels, Supreme Concrete
Length (mm)1200
Height (mm)65
Depth (mm)215
Weight (kg)38.645