Concrete Lintel 65mm x 100mm P100

SKU: 101056
The P100 Concrete Lintel, sized 65mm x 100mm, is a lightweight, heat-resistant solution for dependable masonry support in door and window openings. It features a steel rod core for enhanced strength and can serve as a padstone or manhole bridging. Easy to install and reversible, it meets EN 845-2:2013 and BS 5977 Part 2 1983 standards, proving its quality.

Product Description

This 65mm x 100mm P100 Concrete lintel is composed of lightweight aggregate concrete, which enhances its handling convenience and improves its heat resistance significantly. It is specifically designed to offer sturdy masonry support for door and window openings in brickwork. The lintel is also equipped with a reinforcing steel rod at its core, boosting its strength. Apart from its traditional usage, it can be utilised as a padstone under steel or bridging for manhole openings. This easy-to-install lintel boasts a coarse texture and is reversible for versatility. It aligns with the harmonised technical specification EN 845-2:2013 and complies with BS 5977 Part 2 1983 standards, underlining its high quality.

Product Specification

BrandsCatnic, IG Lintels, Supreme Concrete
Height (mm)65
Depth (mm)100
Weight (kg)17.122