Concrete Lintel R15, 100mm x 140mm x 900mm U2

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The 100mm x 140mm x 900mm structural concrete lintel features a unique textured design for high-performance. Compliant with BS 5977; Part 2; 1983 and Harmonized Technical Specification EN 845-2:2013, it assures top quality. A Declaration of Performance is available online. Sold individually, pack quantities detailed in technical specifications.

Product Description

This structural concrete lintel, size 100mm x 140mm x 900mm, features a uniquely textured design and is meticulously crafted for high-performance usage. These lintels are made in compliance with BS 5977; Part 2; 1983, ensuring adherence to quality standards. With a Declaration of Performance accessible online, they also satisfy the Harmonized Technical Specification EN 845-2:2013. Available individually, please refer to the technical specification for pack quantities.

Product Specification

BrandsCatnic, IG Lintels, Supreme Concrete
Length (mm)900
Height (mm)100
Depth (mm)140
Weight (kg)27.819