Reinforcing Steel High Yield Rebar T16 6m x 16mm

SKU: 101023
The High Yield T16 Concrete Reinforcing Bar (6m x 16mm) crucially lends strength and stability to various construction projects, complying with Grade 500C(BS4449:2005). Though technical, it's essential in building enterprises, with branch consultations available for guidance. It guarantees enhanced durability and performance, a key attribute in construction.

Product Description

This High Yield T16 Concrete Reinforcing Bar, measuring 6m x 16mm, is ideal for various types of construction projects. Its specific technical nature allows it to bring strength and stability to structures, conforming to the Grade 500C as per the BS4449:2005 standard. Though fairly technical, this product is a fundamental component in many building projects. If further technical guidance is required, local branch consultations are recommended. This versatile tool provides enhanced durability and performance, a vital asset in any construction endeavour.

Product Specification

Length (mm)6000
Diameter (mm)16
Weight (kg)9.474