Reinforcing Steel High Yield Rebar T20 3m x 20mm

SKU: 101019
The High Yield T20 Reinforcing Bar (3m x 20mm) is perfect for diverse construction projects, enhancing structural integrity. As reinforcement for concrete structures, it's made from high-quality material, ensuring reliable performance. It meets Grade 500C to BS4449:2005 standards. Expert advice recommended for usage due to its complex nature.

Product Description

The High Yield T20 Reinforcing Bar, measuring 3m x 20mm, is designed for diverse construction projects supporting structural integrity and sustainability. This generic reinforcing bar serves as an integral element for bolstering concrete structures. It complies with Grade 500C to BS4449:2005 standard signifying its high-quality material and reliable performance. Due to its complex nature, expert advice should be sought before usage.

Product Specification

Length (mm)3000
Diameter (mm)20
Weight (kg)7.398