Reinforcing Steel High Yield Rebar T10 3m x 10mm

SKU: 101016
This high-grade rebar, ideal for concrete structure reinforcement, delivers increased strength and durability. Convenient to cut and weld into place, it offers versatility across various applications including floors. Made from 98% recycled material, it promotes eco-friendliness without compromising on toughness. Compliant with Grade 500C and BS4449:2005 standards, it's optimal for numerous building projects.

Product Description

This high-quality rebar is engineered for reinforcing concrete structures, lending them enhanced durability and strength. It €™s the ideal tension device for various concrete applications, such as strengthening floors and other structures. This versatile reinforcing steel rod can be conveniently cut to the desired size and securely welded into place prior to pouring concrete. Made from an impressive 98% recycled material, its eco-friendly design doesn't compromise on toughness or reliability. Conforming to Grade 500C as per BS4449:2005 standards, this T10 3000mm x 10mm rebar proves optimal for various building projects. Please seek further advice at your local specialist for its technical usage.

Product Specification

Length (mm)3000
Diameter (mm)10
Weight (kg)1.848