Reinforcing Steel High Yield Rebar T10 6m x 10mm

SKU: 101012
The T10, 6000mm x 10mm steel rebar is perfect for concrete reinforcement in construction projects. As a tension device, it increases concrete structure strength and cohesion, and can be easily cut and welded. Certified to Grade 500C of BS4449:2005, it's made with 98% recycled materials, enhancing robustness in concrete casting applications.

Product Description

This high yield T10, 6000mm x 10mm reinforcing steel rebar is ideal for concrete reinforcement in various types of construction projects. As a tension device, it enhances the strength and cohesion of concrete structures when set in place before the concrete pour. It's versatility lets you easily cut it to the needed length and weld it into position. Made of top-quality steel, it is ideal for casting concrete applications, boosting the overall robustness of the structure. Manufactured with 98% recycled material, this reinforcement bar adheres to the Grade 500C of the BS4449:2005 standard.

Product Specification

Length (mm)6000
Diameter (mm)10
Weight (kg)3.696