Reinforcing Steel High Yield Rebar T16 3m x 16mm

SKU: 101010
The T16 reinforcing steel bar, 3000mm x 16mm, is a top-tier tension device specializing in fortifying concrete structures, enhancing stability and strength. Easily cut and welded, it works synergistically with dense concrete blocks in construction projects. Made from 98% recycled material, it complies with Grade 500C to BS4449:2005, ensuring top-notch concrete reinforcement in various structures.

Product Description

This high-yield T16 reinforcing steel bar, 3000mm x 16mm, is a top-grade tension device designed for reinforcing concrete structures, ensuring their stability and strength. This versatile and durable rebar can easily be cut and welded into position, making it perfect for use before the application of concrete. Commonly used with dense concrete blocks, it boasts a solid steel structure, ensuring a superior result when used in construction. Engineered from 98% recycled material, this rebar complies with Grade 500C to BS4449:2005, offering exceptional quality for reinforcing concrete in floors and diverse structures. Its use enhances the overall structural robustness, making it a key addition to any building project.

Product Specification

Length (mm)3000
Diameter (mm)16