Concrete Reinforcement Spacer with Double Cover Flat Base

SKU: 101001
Designed for both horizontal and vertical use, this double-covered, flat-base reinforcement spacer is ideal for heavy-duty steel fixing. Created from high-strength, glass-fibre reinforced cement, it offers a robust construction strength of around 50N/mm2. With similar expansion characteristics to its concrete surroundings, it guarantees no potential weak points and an excellent bond.

Product Description

Ideal for both horizontal and vertical placements, this double-cover, flat-based reinforcement spacer offers increased stability and support in high-weight reinforcement scenarios. Crafted from robust, glass-fibre reinforced cement, this product ensures strength and durability, registering a material strength of approximately 50N/mm2. This makes it a reliable choice for heavy-duty steel fixing assignments. Echoing the strength of its surrounding concrete, it presents no point of potential weakness. Its similar expansion characteristics to concrete, coupled with an excellent bond, enhance its functionality.

Product Specification