Concrete Reinforcement Dekchair 50mm x 2000mm

SKU: 100998
High-quality, steel-built Dekchair designed for concrete reinforcement, ensuring accurate spacing between fabrics in construction. Suitable for various concrete cast applications, it enhances structural integrity, complying with industry standards. Measures 50mm x 2000mm, playing a crucial role in the reinforcement process.

Product Description

This Dekchair, designed for concrete reinforcement, offers accurate spacing between reinforcement fabrics in the construction of floors and other structures. The high-quality, steel-built Dekchair, measuring 50mm x 2000mm, lends significant strength to the concrete it is integrated into, ultimately enhancing the structural integrity. Complying with industry quality and safety standards, it is suitable for various concrete cast applications and integral to the reinforcement process.

Product Specification

Length (mm)2000