2100mm CB90 Steel Lintel

SKU: 100997
This 2100mm steel lintel offers versatile use in construction projects, ideal over doors, windows, and other openings. Robust and durable, it complies with standard building regulations, promising longevity and adaptability to multiple architectural needs.

Product Description

This steel lintel comes in a length measuring 2100mm. Commonly used in building construction to provide support over doors, windows and other openings, it is made from robust and durable steel, ensuring longevity and compliance with typical construction standards. Ideal for a varying range of construction tasks, this generic steel lintel is adaptable to multiple architectural requirements.

Product Specification

BrandsCatnic, IG Lintels, Birtley, Ancon, Keystone
Width (mm)280
Length (mm)2100
Height (mm)132
Dimensions (metric)2100mm x 280mm x 132mm
Cavity90 - 110mm