Concrete Reinforcement Dekchair 90mm x 2000mm

SKU: 100996
The 90mm x 2000mm Dekchair is a highly reliable, quality steel tool for reinforcing cast concrete applications. As an alternative to Hystools, it ensures precise spacing between concrete reinforcement fabrics for enhanced stability. Ideal for flooring and structural constructions, it boosts resilience while adhering to industry standards of quality and durability.

Product Description

The 90mm x 2000mm Dekchair, made from high-quality steel, is designed to reinforce cast concrete applications. Serving as a reliable alternative to Hystools, these flat top wire spacers are suitable for accurate spacing between concrete reinforcement fabrics, ensuring stability. Primarily used in flooring and various structural constructions, this reinforcement tool effectively augments the structure's overall resilience. This product adheres to recognised industry standards for quality and durability.

Product Specification

Length (mm)2000