Steel Reinforcement Fabric - A393 2.42m x 1.22m (Safety)

SKU: 100989
A393 safety-rated, steel-reinforced concrete fabric, measuring 2.42m x 1.22m and made of 98% recycled materials. Surpassing BS4483 1998 and BS7123 standards with Type 2 wire profiles, it's ideal for cast concrete applications helping manage structural cracking. Enhances concrete strength and available in various sizes and standards, ideal for reinforcing concrete flooring and structure.

Product Description

This concrete reinforcing fabric, made from steel with an A393 safety rating, measures 2.42m x 1.22m. Constructed from 98% recycled material, it surpasses the BS4483 1998 or BS7123 Standards, outfitted with Type 2 wire profiles in all 'A', 'B' category meshes. It's an excellent choice for cast concrete applications, aiding in managing structural cracking. This reinforcement fabric not only enhances the overall strength of the concrete structure but is also available in a variety of sizes and standards. Ideal for reinforcing concrete in floors and other structural elements.

Product Specification

Width (mm)1220
Length (mm)2420