2700mm TF50 Steel Lintel

SKU: 100956
The 2700mm TF50 Steel Lintel delivers exceptional thermal performance in new builds and renovations with its dual-function insulation and dry lining of walls. Made from industrial-grade materials, it meets high-quality benchmarks, promising wide retail suitability.

Product Description

This 2700mm TF50 Steel Lintel is an outstanding product for enhancing thermal performance in both new construction and refurbishment projects. Its dual functionality allows it to insulate and dry line walls in a single application, making it exceptionally useful. Manufactured with industrial-grade materials, it complies with high-quality standards and is suitable for offerings across multiple retail outlets.

Product Specification

BrandsCatnic, IG Lintels, Birtley, Ancon, Keystone, Supreme Concrete
Width (mm)143
Length (mm)2700
Height (mm)178
Dimensions (metric)2700mm x 143mm x 178mm