Landscape Fabric, Heavy Duty 1m x 20m

SKU: 100954
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The 1m x 20m Heavy Duty Landscape Fabric is ideal for boosting garden aesthetics with chipped bark, gravel, or mulches. Suitable for hardscaping and softscaping, it suppresses weeds, conserves moisture, and reduces watering needs. Its permeable design allows water, air, and nutrients to access the soil.

Product Description

This Heavy Duty Landscape Fabric, measuring 1m x 20m, is perfect for enhancing your garden aesthetic with the use of chipped bark, decorative gravel, or organic mulches. It's versatile, suitable for both hard and soft landscaping. With exceptional weed suppressing properties, the fabric contributes to a well-maintained garden. Notably, it helps conserve moisture, cutting down the demand for frequent watering. Plus, its permeable design ensures that water, air, and nutrients can easily reach the soil.

Product Specification

MaterialPolypropylene (PP)
Width (mm)1000
Length (m)20