Natural Concrete Paving Slab 750mm x 600mm x 50mm

SKU: 100938
The Natural Concrete Paving Slab, size 750x600x50mm, is a robust and quality slab for hard landscaping tasks like patios and pathways. Each package typically includes 20 units, with customizable quantities available. Confirm order quantity with your merchant.

Product Description

The Natural Concrete Paving Slab, measuring at 750mm x 600mm x 50mm, is commonly used for various hard landscaping tasks, ideal for creating patios, pathways or other outdoor areas. This robust and durable slab is known for its long-lasting nature and superior quality. Standard packages often consist of 20 units, but differing quantities may also be procured according to the requirements of your project. Please confirm the order quantity beforehand with your merchant to ensure effective planning.

Product Specification

Width (mm)600
Length (mm)750
Thickness (mm)50