Adaptor Coupling 121-136/110-121

SKU: 100937
The Adaptor Coupling, or reducer coupling, is a high-quality solution for connecting drainage pipes of varying sizes and materials. Complying with EN295-4 and BS EN681 standards, it incorporates EPDM Rubber and 304 Stainless Steel. It's reliable and available in multiple sizes, catering to diverse pipe configurations.

Product Description

This Adaptor Coupling, also known as a reducer coupling, is crafted to connect drainage pipes of varying outer diameters, providing a quick and efficient method for linking pipes of different materials and sizes. This quality product adheres to the standard EN295-4 and features EPDM Rubber in line with BS EN681 standards and high-grade 304 Stainless Steel. It is a reliable, tried, and tested solution, available in a wide array of sizes to accommodate numerous pipe configurations.

Product Specification

BrandsPolypipe, Clark-Drain, Flexseal, Ultraflex, JDP, Naylor, OSMA Wavin, Marley
MaterialEPDM & Steel
Width (mm)100
Length (mm)160
Height (mm)160
Diameter (mm)120-135
Dimensions (metric)121mm-136mm/110mm-121mm