Rainchannel Drainage Channel With Polypropylene Self Locking Grate 1m

SKU: 100924
A lightweight, 1m long rainchannel drainage channel featuring a self-locking grate, made for managing surface water in domestic areas like driveways and gardens. It upholds industry standards ensuring efficient water drainage, making it an ideal solution for controlling rainfall runoff.

Product Description

This is a lightweight rainchannel drainage channel featuring a polypropylene self-locking grate with a length of 1m. It's an ideal solution for surface water management in domestic areas such as driveways and gardens, offering a comprehensive system for controlling rainfall runoff. This product upholds necessary industry standards and showcases quality performance for efficient water drainage.

Product Specification

BrandsACO, Clark-Drain, Wavin, Polypipe, Brett Martin, Marshall
MaterialPolypropylene (PP)
Length (mm)1000
Diameter (mm)100