Drainage Channel & Galvanised Grating (A15) 118 x 97 x 1000mm

SKU: 100910
The RainDrain Channel & Galvanised Grating is designed for home and light vehicle use, measuring 118mm x 97mm x 1000mm. Boasting a polymer concrete channel and galvanized steel grating, this lightweight unit supports swift installation with its interlocking channels. It promotes faster water flow and self-cleaning, enhancing its efficiency. Eco-friendly and made from recycled materials, it offers a secure clip-locking grating. Optional cast iron grating to elevate its load capacity can be ordered separately.

Product Description

This RainDrain Channel & Galvanised Grating measures 118mm x 97mm x 1000mm and is perfect for domestic usage as well as light vehicle traffic applications. The product features a polymer concrete channel with a galvanised steel grating that caters to an A 15 load class. Offering a lightweight design, it ensures easy handling and setup. Its interlocking channels provide a swift and straightforward installation. Notably, the product's structure boosts water speed and fosters self-cleansing. Manufactured from recyclable, recycled materials, the product is also eco-friendly. The galvanised steel grating and cast iron grating, available to order, enhance its load capacity. Moreover, thanks to the clip-locking grating, the product remains securely installed. Its unique design allows it to anchor itself into a concrete surround.

Product Specification

BrandsACO, Clark-Drain, Wavin, Polypipe, Brett Martin, Marshall
MaterialPolymer Concrete & Galvanised Steel
Width (mm)118
Length (mm)1000
Depth (mm)97