Foil Tape 75mm x 45m

SKU: 100895
This Foil Tape is 75mm by 45m and perfect for sealing insulation in buildings and ventilation systems. Not only does it easily accommodate pipe lagging and insulation boards, but it also resists UV rays, flames, moisture, and various chemicals. It's ideal for sealing, holding, splicing, and masking, showcasing its versatility and reliability.

Product Description

This Foil Tape, measuring 75mm by 45m, is ideal for sealing insulation materials within buildings and ventilation systems. It effectively seals joints on insulation boards and accommodates pipe lagging. It has the capability to resist Ultraviolet (UV) rays, flames, moisture, and various chemicals, making it a versatile option for both sealing and holding applications, as well as splicing or masking. This signifies its adaptability for a wide range of uses and its high standard of reliability.

Product Specification

BrandsArmacell, Isover, Knauf, Rockwool, SuperFOIL, Xtratherm, YBS Insulation
Width (mm)75
Length (m)45