Multi-Purpose Insulation Roll 4550mm x 1200mm x 150mm (5.46m²)

SKU: 100872
High-quality Glass Mineral Wool insulation roll, 4550mm x 1200mm x 150mm, is versatile and ideal for various applications. Offers superior thermal efficiency, sound absorption, and enhanced fire safety with Euroclass A1 rating. ECOSE technology ensures no harmful substances. Combi-cut for different widths, it's perfect for timber joists at 400mm, 600mm, or full width.

Product Description

This versatile insulation roll with dimensions of 4550mm x 1200mm x 150mm is a superior quality Glass Mineral Wool fabric, perfect for various applications, making it an ideal choice for numerous projects. It features superb thermal efficiency and effective sound absorption characteristics. Highly adaptable, this product can be used to insulate a host of applications. With a non-combustible Euroclass A1 Reaction to Fire classification rating, this roll offers enhanced safety in the event of a fire. It's manufactured using ECOSE technology which ensures no added phenol or formaldehyde are present. Soft to touch, it emits low dust levels and low VOCs. It offers greater insulation per roll compared to Rock Mineral Wool rolls. Additionally, the insulation roll is combi-cut, partially perforated to provide various roll widths, increasing on-site efficiency. It can be used at widths suitable for timber joists at 400mm centres, 600mm centres or even unsplit as a full width roll.

Product Specification

BrandsRockwool, Kingspan, Knauf, Celotex, Isover, Xtratherm, Quinn Therm, Xtratherm
MaterialGlass Mineral Wool
Width (mm)450
Length (mm)4550
Thickness (mm)150
ApplicationMultipurpose - Pitched Roofs - Ceiling Level, Internal Walls, Internal Floors, Separating Floors - Timber, Suspended Timber Ground Floors
Thermal Conductivity Internal (W/mK)0.04