Acoustic Roll Ready Cut 25mm x 600mm x 11.1m (4 x 600mm) 26.64m130

SKU: 100862
An A1 Non-Combustible glass mineral wool roll designed for enhanced sound insulation in new and existing structures. Showcasing superior noise absorption, its ECOSE ® technology entails a low VOC, dust-free product. The friction-fit roll carries a Euroclass A1 fire rating and offers versatility with perforations for multiple widths, perfect for timber joists 600mm apart or as an unsplit roll. Compatible with major plasterboard brands, it meets sound regulation and density requirements in building codes.

Product Description

This is a glass mineral wool roll, boasting an A1 Non-Combustible status, designed for enhancing sound insulation in both new constructions and pre-existing internal wall and floor structures. It showcases exceptional noise absorption characteristics due to its composition through ECOSE ® technology without any added phenol or formaldehyde, ensuring a low dust and low VOC product. This non-combustible friction-fitting wool roll comes with a Euroclass A1 reaction to fire classification rating for enhanced safety. It is partially perforated to provide the versatility of multiple roll widths, ensuring optimal efficiency on-site. It can be used at varying widths to suit timber joists 600mm apart, or as an unsplit full-width roll. It has successful test results with all major plasterboard brands, guaranteeing compliance with sound-related building regulations, and its manufactured density aligns with the requirements specified in relevant building codes.

Product Specification

BrandsRockwool, Knauf, Isover, Superglass, Earthwool, Jablite, Celotex
MaterialGlass Mineral Wool
Width (mm)600
Thickness (mm)25
Length (m)11.1
ApplicationSound insulation of separating walls and floors, internal walls and floors, timber and metal stud partitions