Insulation Loft Roll Combi Cut 170 x 7030 x 450mm (8.01m²)

SKU: 100828
The A1 Non-Inflammable Glass Mineral Wool is an eco-friendly insulation product, ideal for cold lofts, especially houses with pitched roofs. Its partially perforated design allows versatile use between joists or full-width rolls, enhancing on-site efficacy. Made with substantial lengths for quick installation, its compression-packed, lightweight design enables easy transportation and handling at construction sites.

Product Description

This product is an A1 Non-Inflammable Glass Mineral Wool roll, made with the application of environmentally-friendly and innovative technology, specifically crafted for insulation uses in cold lofts, most notably for houses with pitched roofs where insulation occurs at the ceiling level. Its partially perforated design offers the feasibility of its use between joists or as a full-width roll, contributing to optimal on-site efficacy. It is fabricated in substantial lengths for swift and simple installations while enhancing site efficiency. The product is also compression-packed and lightweight, easing its transportation and handling at the construction site.

Product Specification

BrandsRockwool, Knauf, Isover, Superglass, Earthwool, Thermawrap
MaterialGlass Mineral Wool
Width (mm)1140
Thickness (mm)170
Length (m)7.03
Width (m)7.03
Certifications MetEuroclass A1 Reaction to Fire Classification, Eurofins Gold
ApplicationThermal Loft insulation for a pitched roof at ceiling level only. Standard loft insulation which runs between timber joists & then cross layered on top.
Thermal Conductivity Internal (W/mK)0.044