Insulation Board Plywood - 116mm x 2400mm x 1200mm

SKU: 100814
Thermal insulation board of size 116mm x 2400mm x 1200mm, ideal for warm flat roofs under both classic bituminous and single-ply waterproofing. It includes robust insulation with a plywood top layer, offering high compressive strength and excellent thermal performance. Complies with Class 1 flame spread and Euroclass F fire standards, boasts a gas-tight multilayer top surface. Suitable for both new and refurbishment projects. CE marked, aligns with ISO 9001 & 13999.

Product Description

This is a thermal insulation board, sized 116mm x 2400mm x 1200mm, designed for use in warm flat roofs, suitable under both traditional bituminous and single-ply waterproofing membranes. This product features a robust insulation board coupled with a 6mm plywood top layer, supported by high compressive strength and dimensional stability, making it a fitting choice for both new and refurbishment projects. It exhibits excellent thermal performance with a low thermal conductivity rate. Alongside, it satisfies safety standards with Class 1 surface spread of flame (BS 476, Part 7) and Euroclass F (BS EN 13501-1) fire performance ratings. It features a gas-tight multilayer surface with 6mm plywood adhered on the top. This product is CE marked and complies with ISO 9001 & ISO 13999 quality standards.

Product Specification

BrandsKingspan, Celotex, EcoTherm, Xtratherm, Knauf, Rockwool
Width (mm)1200
Length (mm)2400
Thickness (mm)116
ApplicationWarm flat roofs under built-up felt & single-ply waterproofing systems.
Thermal Resistance R Value5
Thermal Conductivity Internal (W/mK)0.022