White General Purpose Cement 25kg

SKU: 100811
A high-quality General Purpose Cement in brilliant white, ideal for aesthetically conscious projects and safety prioritisation due to its high reflectivity. Obtain white or coloured concrete with white/light-coloured aggregates or additives. The 25kg product meets all standard compliance making it suitable for versatile applications.

Product Description

This General Purpose Cement in white is of exceptional quality and features a brilliant white appearance, making it a preferred choice for projects where aesthetics and safety are prioritised. Notably, its high degree of reflectivity adds to its appeal. For obtaining white concrete, it's necessary to use light-coloured or white aggregates. By adding additive pigments, coloured concrete and render can be achieved. This 25kg product is suitable for various applications and meets all standard compliance.

Product Specification

BrandsBlue Circle, Lafarge, CEMEX, Hanson, Breedon, Mannok Quinn
Packaging TypePaper Bag
Weight (kg)25