Concrete Floor Beam - 150mm X 3.0mtr

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This concrete floor beam, perfect for suspended floor construction, measures 150mm X 3.0mtr. Known as a T Beam, it provides a strong, insulated, and level platform ensuring quality and standards compliance. Enjoy its myriad uses and benefits, along with efficient and speedy installation in diverse construction projects.

Product Description

Ideal for suspended floor creation, this concrete floor beam measuring 150mm X 3.0mtr is a versatile solution for a range of construction projects. Known for its efficiency and speed of installation, this flooring system provides a solid, insulated and level platform, ensuring quality and compliance with construction standards. Commonly known as a T Beam, it boasts myriad uses and benefits suitable for diverse construction requirements.

Product Specification

Width (mm)150
Length (m)3
Dimensions (metric)150mm x 3m
ApplicationBlock & Beam Floor